Websites Are Crucial For Your Equine Marketing Strategy

Duke marketing agency equine marketing

Equine marketing has been nearly stagnant for years. Trainers, breeders, and everyone in between are experts in “word of mouth” marketing and the occasional magazine ad. While this worked many years ago, the same cannot be said for today’s ever evolving markets. A website provides the backbone to brand recognition, by simply telling your businesses story. Marketing is telling a story and putting it in front of people who need to hear it. Consumers love to hear the history behind the product they’re buying, which is the foundation for an effective equine marketing strategy. This story can easily be told via a compelling website and creative content, which is vital in building a brand that generation can prosper from.

When finding a website designer and marketing specialist for your equine business, look for someone who has walked in the same shoes as you. This person should be able talk the talk and walk the walk, the same way you do everyday. Few marketing specialists have seen the steam roll off a cold horses back as the dew burns in the morning or watched a foal take it’s first wobbly steps as the earth greets it’s life. There are also few who have felt the tear roll down their cheek as they lay down their best mount, and arguably the best friend they’ve ever had. If you’re looking to start or enhance your equine marketing strategy, Contact Us at Duke Marketing Agency, we’ve walked in your shoes.