Who are we?

my story

I am Landon Hutchison, “Duke”, a born and raised Missouri resident, who was immersed in the western and agricultural industries from birth. I am a 4th generation cattlemen, horsemen, and 3rd generation houndsmen who has seen nearly every aspect of the agriculture, western, and show dog business. Alongside my innate love for a horse, cow, and dog; I was blessed with the gift of storytelling, one of my father’s greatest traits. Alongside storytelling, I have never been one to stay inside the box. I believe in respecting tradition, however new thoughts need to be implemented to stay up with the times. Respect for tradition is crucial, however choking ourselves out because of fear of progression is detrimental. While studying for my bachelors degree at WGU, I quickly realized how far behind the western and agricultural industries were in their marketing practices. After countless hours of successfully managing my family’s marketing strategies via website and social media, I decided to offer my services to the public. I am, and always will be a horsemen, cattlemen, and houndsmen first, and a marketing specialist second. My goal is to build the bridge between today’s modern marketing practices, with yesterday’s proven product, our heritage. My love of these industries are great and I cannot wait to see the next chapter in their progression. I’m going to do my part in helping that chapter come to fruition.

Landon Hutchison marketing specialist of duke marketing agency