What Is Targeted Marketing and How Do We Take Advantage Of It?

In our last blog post, we talked about the advantages of organic marketing, and it’s effectiveness in our marketing strategy. Today, let’s visit targeted marketing, also known as paid marketing. Organic marketing is just as it sounds, this is the foundation of any marketing strategy. This looks like a professional web presence, blog posting, SEO optimization, consistent social media posting, etc. Any targeted marketing strategy starts with organic marketing. Simply put, targeted marketing is not effective without the foundation of organic marketing being implemented.

Certain businesses may only use organic marketing practices, however many utilize targeted marketing frequently. Targeted marketing is as it sounds, placing advertisements in the hands of your target audience. We can utilize many different avenues to target audiences. This can look like direct mail, e-mail and text marketing, Social Media and Google ads. Targeted marketing takes lots of market and consumer research, but the payoff can be exponential. Before implementing targeted marketing practices, certain goals need to be set beforehand. Many different goals can be achieved through these practices, such as more social media followers and post engagement. It can also help get more website visitors, and the obvious more leads to sales.

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